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The Manual Store is your most reliable one-stop shop for any type of service or repair manual. We carry manuals for all types of vehicles. In fact, if a manual exists, then it's probably here. That's because we have the best and largest collection of motorized vehicle books on the Internet! We carry the best publishers like: Clymer Manuals, Seloc Manuals, I&T Tractor Shop Manuals, and JenSales. These publishers really know how to produce amazing schematics and write accurate service directions. As an industry leader in our niche, we like to tout that we provide our customers easy access to thousands of manuals with an easy to use interface, free shipping options, safe and secure ordering, and no hassle returns. The Manual Store is truly the #1 choice of mechanics and motorsports enthusiasts around the world.

What type of manual do I need? We have put together a brief manual definition section below to help you select the proper book to help you fix your vehicle.

  • Repair Manual

    A repair manual tells you how to take the machine apart, fix it, and put it back together. It is written in the language of a mechanic and may include valuable detailed information such as specifications, torques, ranges, etc. If you are serious about repairs or restoration you will need a repair manual. Synonyms: Shop Manual, Service Manual

  • Service Manual

    A service manual is used interchangeably with repair manual. Information contained in the book consists of directions for assembling and disassembling: engine, body and electrical components. Routine maintenance directions are also included for typical tasks such as changing oil. Synonyms: Repair Manual, Shop Manual

  • Shop Manual

    The term shop manual is slang. The word is derived from manuals usually seen in a repair shop. The book contains all of the information a certified mechanic would need to know to in order to fix or service a machine. Synonyms: Repair Manual, Service Manual

  • Parts Manual

    A parts manual has exploded views of all parts on the machine, giving great visual detail on assembly and dis-assembly. It usually includes a guide for ordering parts including the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) part number. The book is typically used as an extension to a service or repair manual.

  • Owners Manual

    An owner's manual is a book which came with the machine which includes information on how to control and operate the piece of equipment. Adjustment procedures, fluid capacities and troubleshooting guides may be included in the book. Typically, the less complex the machine is, the more technical the information would be as no service manual would exist. Synonyms: Operators Manual

  • Operators Manual

    A handbook published from the manufacturer containing information on how to operate the machine. The term is mostly used in the industrial and agricultural industries as operators of heavy duty equipment. Technical information on specifications and service procedures may or may not be contained in the book. Synonyms: Owners Manual

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