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Outboard Motor Manuals

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Yamaha Outboard Online Manual 1999-2002 2-90 HP Two-Stroke Yamaha Outboard Online Manual 1999-2002 2-90 HP Two-Stroke
Our Price: $38.95
Sale Price: $33.99
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Outboard Repair Manual 1969-1989 Service Manual for 1969-1989 Outboards
Our Price: $33.95
Sale Price: $28.99
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Outboard Repair Manual Service Manual for Outboards Prior to 1969 with under 30 HP
Our Price: $33.95
Sale Price: $28.99
You save $7.96!
Unless you want to paddle a boat yourself, you need a motor for it if you want it to move. Thatís what an outboard motor is for. In fact, itís the most popular form of propulsion for a small boats. It is also used as a way to steer the boat because it is designed to pivot. Thereís one huge advantage to outboard motors over the inboard variety: they can be detached easily, which means you can make repairs easier as well. Easier, that is, if you have the right manual to consult. Just because it is easier doesnít mean itís actually easy to do. The right service and repair manual for an outboard motor is absolutely essential, especially if you really want your outboard to perform its functions properly. You also need to take good care of it so that it wonít need repairs or replacements often.
Here are some of the factors that you need to consider when choosing the right manual:
  • It has to specifically cover the make and model of your outboard motor.
    You can probably find generic information online on how to service and repair an outboard motor, but the information youíll get will most likely be too generic to be useful. Different outboards need to be handled in different ways. Smaller outboards are flushed in different ways compared to their bigger counterparts, and repair and servicing procedures are different for manual start and electric start outboards. Different companies also do things in different ways, and whatís right for a Chrysler outboard may not be suitable for a Nissan outboard.
  • The information needs to be accurate.
    When you go online, you canít really be sure about the accuracy and correctness of the information you are getting. There are simply too many self-proclaimed ďexpertsĒ on the Internet who donít actually know what theyíre talking about. With the outboard manuals from The Manual Store, you know youíre getting the right information.
  • The described procedures should be clear and concise.
    On the Internet, youíll probably find lots of manuals that seem to be written by someone not exactly familiar with the English language. Other manuals may seem too obscure and use a lot of technical jargon that may make it difficult to comprehend. For this type of manuals, clear diagrams and pictures are essential.
  • It needs to be comprehensive.
    The most annoying thing about manuals is that they sometimes donít contain the particular information you are looking for. Everything that you need to know when it comes to proper maintenance and repairs of a particular outboard motor must be included in the manual.
  • Manuals have to be affordable.
    You can save a lot of money by doing the servicing and repair of the outboard yourself, but your savings can be reduced considerably if the manual costs a hundred dollars or more each. Fortunately for you, at The Manual Store, you can enjoy significant savings on outboard manuals, and the shipping is absolutely free.

  • Outboard motors are one of the best ways to travel on water, and with the right manual you can make sure that your seafaring days can continue for a long, long time!